Making the most of your Confetti Moment (even when your venue says you are not allowed!)

The confetti images at weddings are often my favourite, they can be the most candid and genuine moments. There is nothing quite like a face full of confetti to make you forget the camera is there and embrace the moment! This is certainly true of my own wedding, often a bit camera shy and awkward in front of a camera and yet here we both are above in the confetti aftermath!

There are lots of different types of confetti all with their own pros and cons and of course not all venues allow confetti. Venues can have restrictions on what type is used so definitely worth checking this but it definitely doesn’t have to spoil your fun.

Whilst biodegradable paper confetti is still often used and can look amazing with your choice of any colour, many venues prefer real petal confetti. Fresh petals can float beautifully and create a soft confetti image whereas dried petals tend to float less but can create a visual impact in large quantities. Whichever style you go for have lots on hand for your guests, in order to get maximum impact. The real beauty is that you never really know the outcome.

If your venue says that they don’t allow confetti there are lots of other options out there, to get the same feel, I would suggest something that promotes an element of surprise and movement at some point in the day for truly candid photos.

The Alternatives………..

You could substitute confetti for an alternative such as bubbles, supplying bubble guns to get the quantity or giant bubbles for impact which will also add entertainment for kids and big kids alike. Other options are streamers, lots of streamers which would be great fun or ribbon wands which you can purchase or would be a good DIY project.

A guard of honour for military or sports men and women creates a beautiful arch as a backdrop and if this isn’t appropriate a background could be created somewhere in your venue to add colour and variety to some of your photos.

Confetti Alternatives oobaloos photography Daisy Says I Do

Some venues may not want you to use confetti outside as it blows away and becomes difficult to tidy up but they may allow it indoors where it can be contained which adds a whole new dimension. How about surprising your husband or wife and guests with a confetti cannon for the first dance?

Putting this blog post together has given me so much joy, I think it is pretty impossible to look through all these images without a big smile. Spontaneity and allowing yourself to forget the cameras can create the best results.

If you have any ideas of your own I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


A massive thank you to all our contributing photographers, each have captured the personalities of their couples and the moment beautifully to see more of their work each image links directly to their website or check out their pages with the links below:

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